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Many people ask, What is Women's & Men's Health Physio? In a nutshell it is the treatment of issues arising from the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. This may be pain, incontinence, bladder urgency and prolapse among other things. No one should suffer in silence and the biggest step for many men and women is having the confidence to speak to someone and to seek help. Katrina Wade is our Women's & Men's Health Specialist and has been working in this field for 30 years. We are trying to encourage people to speak out about their problems, whether this is to a health professional or friends and relatives.  
It is that time of year again to be getting out into the garden and this is an extremely popular pastime with many of our patients. It is also that time of year when we see more knee pain in the clinic. People will often ask us how can I protect my knees whilst gardening, and is gardening with bad knees going to be a problem. We can help and show people how can they make it better so that they can continue with their love of gardening? 
Here at Bodyworks although all of our Physiotherapists are very experienced hands on therapists, exercise prescription is an equally important part of any treatment programme. 
Who knew that nearly a year ago we would be forced to close our doors and face an uncertain future? To say it has been an emotional and stressful journey is an understatement and a journey that is continuing into 2021 for all of us. 
As soon as we went into lock down, we went online. All our Pilates classes went online, and we had to quickly adapt to life on Zoom. I was lucky to be surrounded by amazing team members, patients, friends, and family. One of my patients kindly gave up 2 hours of her time for me to come and teach me how to set up zoom meetings and classes, I am forever grateful to her for this and can now declare myself the Queen of Zoom! 
Virtual Physiotherapy Consultations 
When we were hit with lock-down at the end of March we were immediately forced to think of how we could help our patients moving forwards and keep them ‘going’ under Covid 19. We got our Pilates classes on to zoom straight away and are still running 9 classes a week with 150 people participating including from Spain, France and Italy! We offered Video consultations to our current patients and about 40% initially took us up on that and were very surprised at how well they went. 
If you are one of the 47% of the global population who experiences regular headaches, you will know they are no laughing matter. For some people, they are just a minor inconvenience, for others they can be utterly debilitating, condemning you to a dark, quiet room for hours, and sometimes even days. 
The trouble is that successfully diagnosing a headache gets complicated, because more than 130 distinct disorders have been identified along with over 300 triggers, which makes a headache almost as unique as an individual. 
A woman is considered to be postmenopausal when she has not had her period for an entire year. 
There are three common issues affecting postmenopausal women worldwide: osteoporosis, accidental falls, and stress incontinence, amongst other things too. The thing about each of these issues is that we can stop their progression and sometimes even reverse their effects with committed, intentional action. 
Here’s what we mean….. 
This is a blog written by Tanya Matthews a fully qualified ITEC Sports Massage Therapist. Tanya has been an asset to our clinic carrying out Sports Massage Therapy, but she also treats patients using other holistic techniques.... 
Is your stressful life causing you pain that won't go away? 
" Are you moving poorly because you are in pain, or are you in pain because you are moving poorly ?" 
Painful conditions can impact your daily life! 
Massage therapy delivers measurable medical results! 
Shred the Slopes Not Your Body 
Are you planning or have already booked a trip to the slopes? If so, are you prepared? We are not referring to your purchase of the latest ‘look’ to cruise the slopes in style or sussing out the best Apres ski spots. We are referring to you – your body, is it prepared and ready to take on the physical demands of skiing or snowboarding to return home without a plaster or crutches? Alpine skiing and snowboarding are classified as extreme sports due to the involvement of high speeds and an increased propensity for participants to jump and perform acrobatic maneuvers (as seen on TV, seemingly easy, yet another story when you the amateur attempt them). There is an increasing involvement in these winter sports, with nearly 1 million people from the UK skiing or boarding annually. 
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