Bladder Problems in Men in Colchester, Essex 

Are you looking for help with any bladder problems in Colchester, Essex? Bodyworks Physiotherapy has got you covered with Pelvic Floor Muscle physiotherapy. Some of you may be wondering, what actually is male pelvic floor physiotherapy? This type of rehabilitation aims to treat issues affecting the pelvic floor muscles. Dysfunctions involving these muscles can cause a number of undesirable symptoms in men like increased urinary frequency, overactive bladder, stress urinary incontinence, nocturia, erectile dysfunction, and more. While these problems are very common, many men struggle to open up to friends and family about symptoms like this. Here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on being friendly and sensitive with our approach in order to make you feel comfortable from start to finish when discussing any bladder problems in men in Colchester, Essex. 
Urinary Frequency 
Urinary frequency is defined as passing urine more than 8 times in 24 hours. Frequency may indicate an overactive bladder or can be that fluid intake is too high or the fluid content drunk by an individual may be causing irritation leading to frequency. 
Overactive Bladder 
This is when you have an overwhelming urge to pass urine and sometimes you may not actually get to the toilet on time. 
Stress Urinary Incontinence 
Urinary incontinence or involuntary leakage is common but not normal. 
This is when the frequency is waking someone more than twice a night. This should not just be put down to old age. 
All of these conditions can be treated very successfully from our specialist men's health physiotherapist. 

Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Pelvic floor weakness is often linked to ageing but the effects of this can be easily reduced with sessions of male pelvic floor physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. During your initial appointment here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we will carry out a full assessment to determine the best course of action for your individual needs and goals. Treatments may include one or a combination of pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises, manual techniques, biofeedback, and lifestyle advice regarding food and drink. Please contact us if you are experiencing any of the symptoms relating to a weak pelvic floor to see how we can help. We will get you booked in for male pelvic floor physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex as soon as possible and you can go back to enjoying life to the full. 
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