Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we are the leading specialists of pelvic floor physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. The pelvic area is often overlooked when investigating injury, with many sportspeople putting aches and pains down to a strained groin, hamstring or hip. Particularly where sport is concerned however, the pelvic floor area often plays a bigger part than many people realise. Too much tension in the pelvic floor muscles can cause compression and pain while underuse of these muscles can result in pain and sometimes even incontinence. At Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we carefully carry out full in-depth assessments, making sure not to neglect the lumbar spine, pelvis, and pelvic floor muscles. This enables us to pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from and is what makes us second to none in providing pelvic floor physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. 

Pelvic Floor Treatment in Colchester, Essex 

At Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide pelvic floor treatment in Colchester, Essex to all those that need it, regardless of age and sporting ability. We understand that for some of our patients, discussing problems relating to the pelvic floor can be difficult and leave you feeling embarrassed. Our team of physiotherapists have great experience when it comes to dealing with this topic and we pride ourselves on being sensitive, friendly, and helpful when talking this through with you. If you are experiencing any pain in the pelvic area or any bladder related issues, please get in touch with us to book a consultation for pelvic floor physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. 
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