Sports Injury Treatment in Colchester, Essex 

We at Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic understand that good management of a sports injury is really important, which is why we do more than just treat the problem with our sport injury treatment in Colchester, Essex. We investigate the cause of your injury and work with you to try and prevent the problem from reoccurring. We also know that sports injuries require prompt treatment, as an acute injury may become a chronic one, which will be more difficult and time consuming to treat. 
When assessing, diagnosing and treating a sports injury, we consider the skills and physical demands involved in specific sporting activities, along with the movement patterns and training required to achieve optimum performance. All of these aspects need to be analysed to ensure that an appropriate rehabilitation programme helps you to return to sport stronger, more stable and conditioned than before the injury. 

Sports Injury Therapy in Colchester, Essex 

Soft tissue injuries may be caused by overuse, poor technique or trauma and our therapies are designed to target this. Our specialist physiotherapists offer you expert assessment and sports injury therapy in Colchester, Essex for a range of specific sports injuries. Whatever your level of sporting activities we aim to maximize the sporting potential of all our patients. Contact us today and book your sports injury therapy in Colchester, Essex, and get back on the road to recovery. 
Conditions treated 
Ankle sprain 
Groin pull 
Hamstring strain 
Shin splints 
Knee injury: ACL tear 
Knee injury: patellofemoral syndrome 
Tennis elbow / golfers elbow 
At your first visit our Senior Chartered Physiotherapists will look at all the contributory factors to your condition, such as co-ordination, biomechanics, habitual usage patterns and previous injury. 
We offer a full range of treatments options including: 
Manual therapy 
Exercise based rehabilitation 
Soft tissue mobilisations 


A lot of evidence has come out recently about the benefits of prehabilitation. Most studies have looked at pre-surgery exercise for knee and low back surgery. Prehabilitation refers to the physical preparation of the body in order to reduce the chance or severity of injury.  
This involves doing a specific exercise program in order to improve your strength and function before surgery. It can be applied to people who are anticipating upcoming surgery or are participating in demanding physical activity. 
Many people appreciate the importance of good rehabilitation after surgery, but what is often overlooked is how a good course of 'prehabilitation' can make your recovery and rehabilitation after the operation much easier and more effective. 
Prehabilitation actively prepares people for the work or sport they do, this treatment takes people to their best level of fitness. This has been common practice in professional sports and is becoming increasingly popular in the working world; prehabilitation is used to aid long term health rather than just looking at avoiding injury. 
Exercises are targeted towards muscle weaknesses and limitations in movement to get the best out of your new joint after surgery. Prehabilitation can also be used to decrease your chance of injury in sport and exercise through preventative exercises. 
Please don't suffer in silence. 
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