Men's Health Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Many of our patients come to us seeking men's health physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex to treat a number of different conditions. As men age, difficulties surrounding urination and the bladder become far more common for various reasons like enlargement of the prostate gland, medications, surgery, nerve problems, an overactive bladder, and many more. As a result of this, many men experience changes linked to their flow, storage, frequency, and urgency of urination. While this is extremely common, the subject itself is often seen as embarrassing and causes men to suffer with these problems in silence for long periods of time. However, Bodyworks Physiotherapy is here to help with our programme of men's health physio in Colchester, Essex so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get booked in and get back to living your life without constantly worrying about your bladder! 
What Flow Problems Can Men Encounter? 
One in three men over 50 years of age experiences some difficulty in passing water. The way men pass water changes gradually as they get older, so at first they may not notice there is a problem.  
Typical changes include: 
Difficulty or delay in starting to pass water 
A smaller and weaker urinary stream, so it takes longer to pass water than it used to 
After finishing, a bit more urine trickles out 
A feeling of not quite having emptied the bladder 
Storage Symptoms / Overactive Bladder Symptoms: 
Increased frequency of bladder emptying 
Urgency alone or with urge incontinence (leakage) 
Stress incontinence (leakage) 
Increased Frequency of Bladder Emptying: 
This refers to passing urine more often than usual in the daytime, and if there is also a need to get up at night, this is termed nocturia. Contributing factors can include: 
Fluid amount and type 
Cold weather 
Diuretics ('water' pills) 
Overactive bladder 
Urgency Alone or With Urge Incontinence: 
This means the urgent desire to empty the bladder, which if not responded to promptly, might lead to leakage of urine before reaching the toilet. 
Stress Incontinence: 
This refers to leakage on coughing, straining or any exertion, and is uncommon in men, apart from post prostate surgery. 
Spinal Injury / Prostate Surgery:  
Stress incontinence can occur if nerve damage has occurred due to spinal injury, or if the urethral muscles or nerves are damaged after a prostate operation.  
You should discuss this with your doctor and the urologist

Men's Health Physio in Colchester, Essex 

Here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, our programme of mens health physio in Colchester, Essex is second to none. Whether you are looking to resolve erectile dysfunction, or prostate related bladder issues, our team of experts has got you covered. We will provide you with a comprehensive programme of physiotherapy treatments to combat your issues with a combination of bladder training, real time ultrasound scanning, pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises, and fluid advice. Our physiotherapists have all of the required qualifications, skill, and experience to carry out all types of mens health physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex and help you with any problems you are facing. 
Directed Pelvic Floor Muscle Retraining  
Bladder Training  
Fluid / Diet Advice for Bladder and Bowel Issues 
Realtime Ultrasound Scanning 
"Katrina greatly supported me by clearly clarifying and helping me to recognise the causes of my urinary urge incontinence problems and what I needed to do in order to improve this. By following her advice and plan this has significantly improved for me and I now feel confident to carry on with this independently. Thank you" 
"I have visited with bodyworks a few times now. Each time I am made to feel comfortable and at ease. The physios I have met with have been very knowledgable and highly professional. Have helped myself and my daughter out no end. Highly recommend them for ladies issues as well as muscular and pain issues" 
Kirsty Beckwith 
"A UK leading Physiotherapy clinic. Where Katrina's clinic is different is that she is one of the UK's top physios in treating patients who are pregnant or post natal or have other women's health related conditions such as prolapse or stress incontinence. Katrina also sees men with pelvic floor problems such as post prostata surger. Recently she taught with world leading pelvic physio Dr Ruth Jones. Katrina and her physios are exceptional. Let them help you , your partner, relative or friend" 
Gerard Greene Specialist Pelvic Health Physio 
“I have worked with Katrina at the Oaks Hospital I am pleased to say that my patients have without fail enjoyed a great experience, excellent outcomes and I am very happy to recommend Katrina.” 
Professor Tan Arulampalam, Consultant Surgeon, Oaks Hospital 
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