Realtime Ultrasound scanning in Colchester, Essex 

Here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we use realtime ultrasound imaging for both the assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor muscles. The use of this ultrasound provides us with essential information about the functioning of the muscles in patients with pelvic pain, prolapse and urinary incontinence. Book a consultation in Colchester, Essex today! 

Real Time Ultrasound Scanning 

Realtime Ultrasound (RTUS) 

The Fundamentals of RTUS 
Realtime Ultrasound Scanning in Colchester, Essex allows the physiotherapist to observe movement of the muscles, in real time. Valuable insight is obtained as to how the deep pelvic floor muscles are working. The physiotherapist can then analyze the information and integrate this into the exercises programme. This is also an invaluable tool for the patient as it is the only time that they will actually be able to see what their pelvic floor muscles are doing – or not, as the case may be! 
Current research demonstrates that the most common muscular problem in clients with low back, neck or pelvic girdle pain, is not necessarily weakness, but more so a loss of the proper co-ordination of an effective muscle contraction. This is an insufficiency in motor control that largely affects the deep stabilizing muscles. These core muscles are essential for stabilizing the spine and pelvis and should tighten prior to any movement. Realtime Ultrasound Scanning allows physiotherapists to observe the function of these deep muscles to make sure they are doing what they are believed to do during routine tasks. 
When is RTUS Used? 
As well as playing an important role in assessment, Realtime ultrasound scanning in Colchester, Essex is used as biofeedback for re-educating the proper co-ordination and succession of muscle contraction during exercise. You cannot strengthen a muscle that your brain is not using! You will tend to use the muscles that are working incorrectly and at the wrong time. RTUS teaches you how to switch on the correct muscles at the correct time and makes sure that you are tightening them correctly. 
Katrina is trained in the use of Realtime Ultrasound Scanning and integrates this tool into all of her treatment plans. It is a useful addition for both the assessment and treatment of muscles difficult for both physiotherapist and patient to feel and observe during functional tasks. RTUS changes a formerly difficult concept into an exciting visual experience designed to assist your rehabilitation. 
Katrina uses the RTUS with every patient that she sees whether their issue is one of incontinence or prolapse or during the post-natal MOT sessions, if time allows. It is without doubt an exceptional piece of equipment and every patient states how incredibly useful it is. 
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