Online Physiotherapy Consultation in Colchester, Essex 

Have a personal online physiotherapy consultation in Colchester, Essex with a fully qualified, experienced physiotherapist in our online clinic. See one of our highly qualified physiotherapists. Get the right advice quickly, in the comfort of your own home. 
Securely connect to your physiotherapy session using any device with a camera and microphone. 
Who is it for? 
For any current or new patient who is having difficulty, or is unable to, access face to face physiotherapy treatment. An online physio consultation in Colchester, Essex is important for patients who are unable to leave the house for reasons which may include: 
Transport Difficulties 
Distance from Physiotherapy Clinic 
Immunosuppressed patients 
Patients in at-risk groups 
Patients who have work or childcare commitments 

Online Physio Consultation in Colchester, Essex 

What Does Online Physiotherapy Involve? 
You will be sent an email outlining what will happen in your appointment and including a consent form for you to return via email.  
You will be sent a link to join a video call via zoom with one of our Specialist Physiotherapists. We will help you learn how to connect to zoom if you do not currently use it. 
1. Initial Assessment 
On the video call you will be assessed using a range of questions designed to understand why you are getting pain and what can be done to improve things. This thorough assessment of your injury will involve obtaining a detailed history of your symptoms, previous treatment and lifestyle activities to be able to gain a full understanding of your problems. 
2. Physical Assessment 
You will be asked to perform a range of movements and you will be observed performing a range of tasks and activities. These will include any special tests necessary to help us determine our diagnosis of your problem. We can do the majority of objective tests that we would do if you were in the clinic with us. 
This will allow us to continue to formulate a diagnosis of your problem. 
3. Diagnosis & Rehab Programme 
From your assessment your physiotherapist will be able to offer a detailed explanation of your diagnosis and prognosis. They will be able to formulate a treatment and management plan to address your problems. This usually consists of home exercises, reading material if required, and education and advice about your condition and pain management. 
4. Follow-up Consultations 
If you require a follow-up consultation, we will use this time to re-evaluate, monitor your progress and progress your home exercise program. 
This appointment will be made at a time to suit you and a time scale that fits in with your projected recovery process. 
What Problems / Conditions Can We Treat with Online Physiotherapy? 
An online physiotherapy consultation in Colchester, Essex has been shown to help with a wide range of conditions including: 
Low Back Pain 
Neck Pain 
Frozen Shoulder 
Rotator Cuff Injury 
Tennis Elbow 
Hip Pain 
Knee Pain 
Sprained Ankle 
Women’s and Men’s Health issues including prolapse and bladder and bowel issues 
If your problem is not listed above, give us a call to discuss whether you would benefit from a Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment or an appointment in clinic. 
Will I Need to Attend a Physiotherapy Appointment at the clinic? 
Much of the work you will need to do to improve your problems will be done at home, with an exercise programme which will be progressed accordingly. 
There are several reasons why we might need to see you in clinic.  
These include: 
If you have a complex problem that needs further assessment 
If your problem is not progressing as we would expect with your self-management and you need some hands on treatment. 
If we want to improve your recovery with treatments that we cannot offer with Virtual Physiotherapy, such as manual therapy, acupuncture or radial shockwave therapy. 
If your problem is improving by following your Virtual Physiotherapy Treatment Plan you may never need to attend the clinic for treatment. Many patients can be managed back to full fitness remotely with advice and exercises. If we do need to get you in for treatment then we will ensure that we have your safety in mind. 
What Physiotherapy Treatments Can You Offer with Online Physiotherapy? 
One of the most effective forms of treatment that is consistently backed up in the literature is exercise therapy. Every patient has a personally tailored exercise and self-management programme 
We can advise you on the best exercises to perform for your condition, and those to avoid. 
Our Exercise progression plans are supported with exercise sheets for you to follow between sessions. These will be emailed to you following your appointment with video links to each exercise as well. 
We will monitor your progress and we will adapt your exercises to ensure you get the best possible outcome. 
If you require pain relief, we can advise you on a range of pain relieving techniques that can work alongside medication including TENS machines, chronic pain relief techniques including pacing and pain modification, soft tissue self-release, self-joint mobilisations and other pain relieving methods. We can also teach you taping techniques should these be needed. 
We use Pilates programmes with many of our patients and offer a range of Pilates solutions for your condition. From 1:1 Pilates sessions to attendance at online classes, you will be supported with the right solution for your condition. 
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