What is Kinesiology Taping? 
There are many different brands of kinesiology taping available. In our clinic we use K tape or Rocktape. The tape comes in many different colours and patterns. The colour and pattern is purely aesthetic and does not affect the outcome of the tape. The outcome is related to how and where the tape is applied. 
Kinesiology taping can be used on a wide range of injuries and clientele. Most people are familiar with athletes wearing kinesiology tape to improve performance or protect and prevent injuries. However, kinesiology taping is also really effective for acute injuries with significant swelling, repetitive strain injuries, neck and back pain caused by prolonged periods of poor posture and it can also be used to support joints. There is also some suggestion that kinesiology taping might improve scar appearance but more evidence is currently needed in this area. 
Kinesiology taping is appropriate for all age groups, however, taping would be avoided for those with broken skin, cellulitis or infection in the area to be taped, those who have a history of tape allergy and precautions would be taken when considering taping patients over areas treated with radiation in the past 6 months or patients diagnosed with cancer. 
The tape will only stick to clean dry skin, so the removal of oils and creams is advised before the tape is applied. 
The benefits of Kinesiology Taping: 
Pain relief – It helps to reduce the pressure on pain receptors in the body 
Reduces swelling – Due to the decompression affect of the tape, altering fluid dynamics 
Controls posture – It acts as an elastic reminder of where your body or limbs should be 
Normalises muscle activity 
Delays muscle fatigue 
Improves proprioception and co ordination – decreasing the risk of injury 
Optimizes injury recovery 
Allows athletes to remain active whilst injured. 
Kinesiology taping is an excellent adjunct to physiotherapy treatment. It can help to prolong the effects achieved by mobilisation and soft tissue techniques used by the therapist and patients can be taught how to apply tape to themselves to continue this effect. 
In some cases, existing patients may want to book in for a 10 minute taping appointment prior to attending a sporting event to ensure that the risk of re injury is reduced as much as possible. 
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