Pelvic Pain 

Pelvic pain is often associated with overactive pelvic floor muscles. When the muscles are tight there are often active trigger points. The pain can be widespread throughout the pelvis or localised to one spot. 
This is a more common problem than people think. It is very debilitating and can affect Women immensely both in their personal life and their day to day life.  
Katrina always assesses women holistically to try and ascertain where the pain is originating from. This means that we should get a resolution of the cause and not just continue to treat the symptoms. 
Pelvic pain can be due to: 
Trauma to the pelvic floor during childbirth or other pelvic surgery 
Chronic constipation 
Adhesions following surgery 
Overactive the pelvic floor muscles 
Direct trauma to the pelvic floor 
Injury to the bony pelvis 
Following infection, ie bladder infection 
No known cause 
Conditions treated: 
Pelvic floor / perineal pain 
Urethral / vaginal / rectal pain 
Lower abdominal pain 
Myofascial Pain 
Connective tissue Pain 
Interstitial cystitis 
Pudendal neuralgia. 
Coccydynia / pelvic dysfunction 
Treatment includes assessment of the pelvis, the perineum, the pelvic floor, the abdomen 
Trigger point release 
Connective tissue release 
Manual therapy of the pelvis 
Pelvic Floor Muscle re-education 
Realtime Ultrasound to assess the pelvic floor muscles and for Biofeedback 
Postural re-education 
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