Expert treatment from Specialist Physiotherapists for all your Women's Health issues. We can help you. It often just takes some specialist treatment and training to cure the problem, and that is what we can offer with years of experience and specialist training. Women's Health Physiotherapy provides confidential assessments and Specialist Treatment modalities. 
Katrina has been working in this field for over twenty years. She has worked alongside all of the local Consultants who refer their patients to us at Bodyworks. Katrina treats many issues including bladder, bowel, gynaecological, pregnancy related pain, post natal checks and pelvic pain. 

Available Treatments:  

Real-time ultrasound scanning for pelvic floor muscle assessment and biofeedback 
Directed pelvic floor muscle retraining 
Bladder training 
Fluid / diet advice for bladder and bowel issues 
Computerised Biofeedback 
Electrical Stimulation for the pelvic floor muscles 
Vaginal cones 
Vaginal dilators 
Connective tissue treatments 
Pelvic floor muscle and perineal trigger point release 
Post-natal six week MOT. Have you ever considered how well your pelvic floor muscles are REALLY working? Come and have an assessment with the Realtime Ultrasound to check your pelvic floor and see that you are actually doing your exercise correctly. 
Confidential individual treatment programmes 
Pilates classes and one to one 
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