Cycling injuries can occur due to repetitive stress on the body, Pain during cycling can be due to mechanical factors (bike set up) or bio mechanical factors (human anatomy). Poor conditioning, technique, training errors and the smallest misalignment – whether anatomic or equipment-related – can lead to dysfunction, impaired performance and injury. 
As Physiotherapists, we are in a very fortunate position of being able to analyse both of these factors to ensure that the bike is best fitted to you and to ensure that your body is as well aligned and supported as possible to resolve pain and to prevent future injuries. 
It is important that you have the correct frame size for your bike. There are numerous websites that can help you to identify whether you have the correct frame size. We would recommend looking at the following: 
Ensuring the size of the frame of your bike is correct is just as important as ensuring that the bike is adequately fitted to your body. The areas of the body most commonly affected by inaccurate bike set up are the lower back and the knees. However, the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles and feet can also be affected. 
The key to a proper bike fit lies in finding one’s optimal cycling posture and position. Fitting a bike so that it is comfortable reduces the risk of injury and maximises factors such as efficiency, power and aerodynamics can be a real challenge. 
There are many areas of the bike that can be adjusted to ensure that you are as well positioned on the bike as possible. These include: 
The saddle 
The pedals (including the shoes and cleats) 
The handlebars 
The gears and brakes 
Bodyworks Physiotherapy clinic’s bike set up service can either be performed separately or in combination with a musculoskeletal examination. 
A bike that is fitted correctly will improve your performance, comfort and enjoyment. 
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