Difficulties with passing urine are common as men age, often due to benign (non-cancerous) enlargement of the prostate gland. Other causes include medications, an overactive bladder, nerve problems, surgery, bladder outlet restriction and some medical conditions. However these problems are not always confined to older men. Many younger men may experience frequency and urgency of the bladder. 
What flow problems can men encounter? 
One in three men over 50 years of age experiences some difficulty in passing water. The way men pass water changes gradually as they get older, so at first they may not notice there is a problem.  
Typical changes include: 
Difficulty or delay in starting to pass water 
A smaller and weaker urinary stream, so it takes longer to pass water than it used to 
After finishing, a bit more urine trickles out 
A feeling of not quite having emptied the bladder 
Storage symptoms or overactive bladder symptoms: 
Increased frequency of bladder emptying 
Urgency alone or with urge incontinence (leakage) 
Stress incontinence (leakage) 
Increased frequency of bladder emptying: 
This refers to passing urine more often than usual in the daytime, and if there is also a need to get up at night, this is termed nocturia. Contributing factors can include: 
Fluid amount and type 
Cold weather 
Diuretics ('water' pills) 
Overactive bladder 
Urgency alone or with urge incontinence: 
This means the urgent desire to empty the bladder, which if not responded to promptly, might lead to leakage of urine before reaching the toilet. 
Stress incontinence: 
This refers to leakage on coughing, straining or any exertion, and is uncommon in men. 
Spinal injury/ Prostate surgery:  
Stress incontinence can occur if nerve damage has occurred due to spinal injury, or if the urethral muscles are damaged after a prostate operation.  
You should discuss this with your doctor and the urologist

Physiotherapy Treatments available for Men's Health issues 

Directed pelvic floor muscle retraining  
Bladder training  
Fluid / diet advice for bladder and bowel issues 
Musculoskeletal work for pelvic pain  
Realtime Ultrasound Scanning 
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